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Strongholds: New Works on Paper by Katherine Cox


Sticks, rocks and berries comprise much of the imagery in this current body of work: Stongholds. These familiar objects that surround me in the natural world hold my interest. These objects are simple, yet at the same time, they provide potent metaphors which can communicate deeper realities such as frailty, strength, growth and hope. Dichotomies are an ever present aspect within my work. A seemingly static rock can suggest harshness or harm; at the same time it can suggest something solid and stable. These subtly opposing concepts in my work provide a quiet tension. My desire is that this quiet tension can hold the viewer’s interest and that the viewer is able to acknowledge and appreciate the simplicities and complexities coexistent in the work as well as in life.

 Rendering with pencil is my most pure, distilled and direct medium for expression. While graphite and traditional drawing techniques are central to this body of work, I also use Xerox transfers to help build the imagery.  In addition, paper is integral to the image itself, not simply the surface that holds the image. The paper and the marks on the paper synthesize, yielding a seamless result. Varieties of papers, including handmade paper, provide a subtle interplay of tonality and texture, contributing to the delicate and deliberate construction of the realized concept.

Strongholds: New Works on Paper by Katherine Cox

May 14 – Jun 4, 2011